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Mindfulness, Inspirational Talks

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Sunday 15 September 2024


Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK

Soulmala Festival is a gathering that celebrates human potential to thrive in good health and meaningful connections. We explore this potential through movement, yoga, mindfulness, holistic health modalities, friendship, and being together. We provide space and offerings that dedicated to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit.

Founded with a vision of thriving together as communities, we come together to share and co-create a day of deep experience with joy and whole-heartedness; and simply to nurture the mind, body, and spirit.  At the same time, we want to make sure that the festival offers a sacred space for all individuals to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery and holistic being.


The Vision and The Why of Soulmala Festival

Promote diverse modalities of well-being practices to support thriving individuals and communities

Included are yoga, somatic movement, intuitive dance, voice, sound, healing music, creative art, and mindfulness.

We’re assembling diverse classes centered on the well-being of body, mind, and spirit. Come join us! Classes will open for booking closer to the date. Secure your ticket early. More details about our teachers and speakers, and are coming soon. 

Inspire connections between wellness group leaders, teachers, and professionals

Connection is Key to healthy living. As well as partnering with the local community, Soulmala extends a warm invitation to everyone beyond our local areas. Workshop leaders, teachers, and wellness enthusiasts, please get in touch. We’ll be glad to hear from you. 

Invite collaboration and reciprocal support within local and surrounding areas

We’re seeking partnerships with individuals and small businesses in the local area to help us create a day of connection and joy.

Soulmala is for everyone interested in engaging with like-minded people. A percentage of any net proceeds will be donated to a local charity. We will add more details here soon. Please get in touch if you want to partner with us.

Experience wellness of body and soul through different modalities, expand, connect, and be inspired

Join us!

Soulmala is also a one-day retreat where you will be able to create your own unique experience from the varied program we offer.

About Soulmala

Founded in 2023, Soulmala Festival brings together wellness professionals in one place and provides participants with full-experience classes rather than taster sessions or exhibitions. This way, Soulmala is also a retreat where you will be able to create your own unique experience from the varied programs we offer.

The vision is to create space for connection and promote well-being through a range of practices and modalities. Understanding the importance of connection and community in sustaining physical, mental, and emotional health leads to more profound transformation both within us and around us, we aim to support and engage local communities as well as wider groups of visitors and friends, making this an inclusive, heart-centered event. 

For further inquiries, our organising team of local volunteers would be happy to chat with you. Please feel free to connect with us at soulmalafestival@gmail.com

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First Soulmala one-Day festival of Wellness and Connection